2018 Line Up

Link to Event on Facebook  www.facebook.com/events/231446607380073/

Here in all it’s glory is the entire lineup for 420 Music & Arts Festival 2018 featuring headliners Dopethrone, DJ Brant BjorkSasquatchLa ChingaBuffalo Bud BusterBuzzardElectric OwlGreat Electric QuestMENDOZZAOrbital Express (Official)The Electric RevivalBazarabaChronoBotCHUNKASAURUSHERONSet & StonedHAAZESolid BrownThe MothercraftRAWOgimaa, Gin Lahey, Black Hell Oil & Pelican Death Squad!

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Festival Headliner

Dopethrone (Montreal, PQ) – First show in Western Canada. www.facebook.com/dopethrone.mthell/

Buzzard (Victoria, BC) – www.facebook.com/LoudBuzzard/


Orbital Express (Regina, SK) –  www.facebook.com/orbitalexpress/

The Electric Revival (Calgary, AB) – www.facebook.com/theelectricrevival/

CHUNKASAURUS  (Vancouver Island, BC) – www.facebook.com/theCHUNKASAURUS/

HERON (Vancouver, BC) – www.facebook.com/herondoom/

Ogimaa (Winnipeg, MB) – www.facebook.com/OgimaaDoom/

Black Hell Oil (Saskatoon, SK) – www.facebook.com/BlackHellOil/

Facebook Event Page – www.facebook.com/events/518321405203343/


Friday, April 20, 2018

Brant Bjork (El Segundo, California) – Special DJ Set – www.facebook.com/BrantBjorkOfficial/

La Chinga (VAncouver, BC) – www.facebook.com/La-Chinga-389979744359207/

Buffalo Bud Buster (Calgary, AB) – www.facebook.com/buffalobudbuster/

MENDOZZA (Vancouver, BC) – www.facebook.com/MENDOZZA-13464608010/

Bazaraba (Calgary, AB) – www.facebook.com/Bazarababand/

Chronobot (Rrgina/Prince Albert/Saskatoon, SK) – www.facebook.com/Chronobot/

The Mothercraft (Edmonton, AB) – www.facebook.com/TheMothercraft/

Facebook Event Page –  www.facebook.com/events/661554384232740/


Thursday, April 19, 2018

Sasquatch (Los Angeles, California) – First time in Canada! – www.facebook.com/sasquatchrocks/

Electric Owl (Calgary, AB) – www.facebook.com/electricowlrocks/

Great Electric Quest (San Diego, California) – First trip into Canada  – www.facebook.com/electricquest/

Gone Cosmic (Calgary, AB) – Featuring members of Chron Goblin and Witchstone. First Show! – www.facebook.com/gonecosmic/

Set & Stoned (Crossfield, AB) – www.facebook.com/SetAndStoned/

HAAZE (Red Deer, AB) – www.facebook.com/HAAZEBAND/

Solid Brown (Calgary, AB) – www.facebook.com/solidbrown/

Facebook Event Page  www.facebook.com/events/1409803245795383/